Hey what is up you guyyyyyys!

It’s been a long long long time :-)

Recently, I received an email saying I only have a few space on my storage left. D;

And since I do not have a credit card to buy my own domain yet, I can’t upgrade my storage space :-(

I’m going to have to say goodbye~

I would no longer be blogging in this site, however, I would be keeping all of what I posted here :D

The good news: I am moving to tumblr! YAY! It would be up soon :-) So go follow me here! :D




It makes me sad :(

I’ve been here since, what, 2011? (or 10?) @.@


See you guys when I see you~ :-)

The 6 Stages of Final Exams As Told by Harry Potter



As Told by Laura

1. Denial

Finals? Hahahahaha! Please. I’ve still got an entire week left. Do you have any idea what I can accomplish in that short amount of time? Seriously, there’s nothing to worry about. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna’ go paint my nails like little zebras.

2. Anger

Okay, it’s not like I’m mad about finals or anything, but seriously? A comprehensive test? How unfair is that?! And it’s worth, like, 96 percent of my grade. I’m too mad to study. School is so stupid. No, everything is stupid. LET’S START A REVOLUTION!

3. Procrastination

I’m just gonna’ go over to Tiffany’s for a quick study session. I always do my best work in groups. Oh, and Jennifer, Michael and Josh will be there too, but we’re definitely gonna’ get stuff done. Definitely…

4. Cramming

Okayokayokay. Two hours left until the test. I have four Redbulls in the fridge…

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Super Junior Super Show 5 Manila




It’s been 2 days since I last saw them, and it’s been surreal. ;ooo;

Seriously, I was planning on staying hiatus (as a KPOP fangirl) after the show, and my boys always manage to save me. HAHAHAHA! :-D

IT HAS BEEN 2 YEARS. Yes, TWO FRICKEN YEARS since the last time they went here for a concert (SS3), so I didn’t know how to react during the concert. All my caged feels. All just jumbled up that I did not know what to do: to act like a crazy kid or to stay silent and be a silent fan. /cry/ I also encountered a few problems weeks before the show that put me and my college classmates’ friendship to the test. But that’s all in the past. And what matters now is that we all got there and enjoyed the show. :-)

The boys didn’t make it a STRIP SHOW 5 tho. HAHAHAHAHA Well, at least I got to watch Sungmin do his HyunA stunt, finally see Kangin, and be one of the first to welcome Heechul back from the military! =))

Kyuhyun was high all night. Veeeeery energetic. Siwon is still a derp face, Henry and  Ryeowook are soooo cute! (Wookie got my sister’s instax btw. A must preserve film!) Eunhyuk, Shindong, and Donghae are still awesome (as always). and I also got to see Zhoumi again (who looked like Leeteuk in some angles. ;-;).

Although Leadernim and Yeye are missing, this is seriously one of the best nights of my life (well, basically, all Super Shows are. lol)

I am just so happy I get to see them again! And this time VERY CLOSE! We were one the people from the third row of Lowerbox A (just a few inches away from the stage)

Words cannot describe my feels, OKAY? I CANNOT– JUST. :((((

Henry’s words were like (NV): “I know I told you guys before that you were the loudest! AND YOU STILL ARE THE LOUDEST!”

And when the members saw the banner from the Upperbox area, they were like: “LET’S MAKE BABIES!”




Because seriously my body is ready.


perv mode on.

Sorry guys.

Then, Siwon told us that he is agreeing to make babies as long as we do the first step– SUPER SHOW SEX– I mean SIX. Yes, SUPER SHOW SIX.

They were all so cute~ I wanted to grab them and get dafaq out of there and live my happily ever after– much to the members’ dismay HAHAHAHA

Now, on to my photo dump!

IMG_7857 IMG_7874 IMG_7854 IMG_7852 IMG_7850 IMG_7847 IMG_7839 IMG_7831 IMG_7826 IMG_7822 IMG_7821 IMG_7809 IMG_7805 IMG_7671 IMG_7672 IMG_7675 IMG_7678 IMG_7702 IMG_7707 IMG_7710 IMG_7726 IMG_7731 IMG_7760 IMG_7765 IMG_7775 IMG_7786 IMG_7788 IMG_9729 IMG_9714 IMG_9711 IMG_9696 IMG_9689 IMG_9671 IMG_9670 IMG_9667 IMG_9609 IMG_9558 IMG_9555 IMG_9545 IMG_9544 IMG_9347 IMG_9362 IMG_9364 IMG_9366 IMG_9378 IMG_9451 IMG_9461 IMG_9466 IMG_9482 IMG_9527 IMG_9538 IMG_9540 IMG_9541 IMG_9543 IMG_9316 IMG_9314 IMG_9305 IMG_9301 IMG_9284 IMG_9283 IMG_9281 IMG_9280 IMG_9279 IMG_9278 IMG_9277 IMG_9266 IMG_9262 IMG_9254 IMG_9159 IMG_9161 IMG_9170 IMG_9174 IMG_9176 IMG_9189 IMG_9190 IMG_9191 IMG_9201 IMG_9230 IMG_9231 IMG_9232 IMG_9243 IMG_9246 IMG_9154 IMG_9153 IMG_9146 IMG_9141 IMG_9136 IMG_9124 IMG_9121 IMG_9118 IMG_9112 IMG_9107 IMG_9103 IMG_9100 IMG_9098 IMG_9097 IMG_8997 IMG_8998 IMG_8999 IMG_9007 IMG_9017 IMG_9023 IMG_9024 IMG_9044 IMG_9046 IMG_9072 IMG_9073 IMG_9074 IMG_9081 IMG_9090 IMG_8983 IMG_8978 IMG_8966 IMG_8953 IMG_8795 IMG_8949 IMG_8944 IMG_8909 IMG_8903 IMG_8897 IMG_8892 IMG_8891 IMG_8887 IMG_8885 IMG_8875 IMG_8704 IMG_8714 IMG_8715 IMG_8737 IMG_8790 IMG_8798 IMG_8803 IMG_8806 IMG_8818 IMG_8819 IMG_8855 IMG_8860 IMG_8865 IMG_8701 IMG_8697 IMG_8682 IMG_8681 IMG_8677 IMG_8654 IMG_8653 IMG_8648 IMG_8647 IMG_8646 IMG_8619 IMG_8585 IMG_8578 IMG_8573 IMG_8390 IMG_8391 IMG_8424 IMG_8428 IMG_8445 IMG_8453 IMG_8456 IMG_8465 IMG_8478 IMG_8481 IMG_8521 IMG_8522 IMG_8534 IMG_8571 IMG_8371 IMG_8370 IMG_8364 IMG_8363 IMG_8350 IMG_8340 IMG_8305 IMG_8293 IMG_8274 IMG_8269 IMG_8268 IMG_8259 IMG_8257 IMG_8231 IMG_8123 IMG_8124 IMG_8128 IMG_8130 IMG_8131 IMG_8132 IMG_8133 IMG_8134 IMG_8139 IMG_8160 IMG_8170 IMG_8179 IMG_8180 IMG_8208 IMG_8093 IMG_8092 IMG_8087 IMG_8088 IMG_8085 IMG_8084 IMG_8070 IMG_8069 IMG_8066 IMG_8064 IMG_8062 IMG_8047 IMG_7981 IMG_7978 IMG_7970 IMG_7956 IMG_7951 IMG_7950 IMG_7946 IMG_7899 IMG_7892 IMG_7884IMG_9026 IMG_9039 IMG_9051 IMG_9064 IMG_9066IMG_9770

I found a new carnival!




Hey! :)

Have you ever heard of twins that got separated from birth due to adoption, and got the chance to reconnect?

Well I know I haven’t!

I was so moved of Samantha Futerman (an actress from 21 & Over + a youtube star) and Anaïs Bordier (A French college student taking up Fashion Designing in London) ‘s story ;uuuuuuu;

So, Anaïs saw Sam through YT and stalked her aaand taa-daaaaa~ She found out they were both born the same day in South Korea. Then she messaged her through facebook:

They are potentially twins separated at birth, and they now started a project called “Twinsters”. And they need your help to fund for their documentary and DNA tests.




You can find out more about their project + donate HERE.

Just keep swimming swimming~


Hey! :)

I just went swimming the other day at Canyon Cove~ ^^


I'm bringing sexaaay back =))

I’m bringing sexaaay back =))



My mom. HAHAHA

My mom. HAHAHA

My dad.

My dad.

with my bestfriend, Audrey :)

with my bestfriend, Audrey :)






I wish I brought my tripod along. /sigh/ I wanted to take HDR and long exposed shots of the sunset. ;nnnn; /regrets/